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Sexual Purity for Teens?

In about four weeks I will be on retreat with our teens on our every two year Dating Retreat. Things have changed just a little since the first one that I had at this church sixteen years ago:
The internet was just being formulated in Al Gore’s mind.
Little girls were not dressing like Britney Spears (Minus the shaved head!) and the retailers were not making little girl underwear with suggestive sayings.
There was a chance that young men and women just might save their innocence until after middle school.

But that is not the culture that we live in today. If the Anna Nichole Smith coverage is any indication, then our culture has given away all of the secrets, and purity is not the ideal, much less the goal.

And that is where we come in, the youth professionals. I know it seems a little prudish, but I want to fight for purity, not only for my own daughters, but for my teens! If you have been in youth ministry for awhile, you probably have a shelf full of books that deal with purity and dating. From Joshua Harris’ classic, I Kissed Dating Goodbye to Jeramy Clark’s I Gave Dating a Chance, there is a lot of information to share with our teens. But the message has to be more than just don’t do it until you are married. That message doesn’t seem to work.

A better message is to inspire our students to be what Eric and Leslie Ludy (Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation) Christ-confident kids, students who understand that great things will come when they yield to His life at work within them. Our goal is to have our students quit fitting God to their romantic plans, and start having our teens fit their romantic ideas to God’s ideas on what love, purity, and romance really are. Being confident in Christ is the important foundational truth that leads to full sexual purity in our teens. Helping families become Christ-confident helps in all spiritual areas, including the area of sexual purity for our students.


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