25 February 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Man I love college

I first heard some of the lyrics to this song one one of my student’s facebook statuses. Little did I know these words came from a popular song. Watch here:

Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding turned me on to this video.  I think this is a fantasy of what college life is for young people and for those that remember back to our college days.  Do kids really live like this in college?  No, this is maybe one night of a college year, but this is not a typical weekend night.

However, I think the issue is that we continue to give young people seemingly limitless license to do whatever they like in college.  Most of the stuff that kids manage to avoid in high school (drinking, sex, drugs?) seems to happen on a regular basis in college (however, I would argue it’s not as glamorous as the video portrays).

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