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Cool Ministry Tool: Freemind

I’ve just stumbled on a new piece of software that I plan to use a lot.  Freemind is a mind mapping tool.  It’s free and very powerful.  I heard about this program from various GTD (Getting Things Done) sources.  One of the practices of GTD is to map out your project as much as possible and then your next step will be clear all the way through the project.  I find this to be a very important practice in ministry projects (sometimes i execute this better than others) as it’s easy to loose sight.

Here’s a screen shot of my brainstorming for a Bible studies series.  Click on the pic to make it bigger.


These “nodes” are created very easily, simply by hitting “insert” or “return.”  I prefer to do things like brainstorming on the computer because I type faster than I write and it’s legible.  I obviously will develop the above mind map more as I work on this project.  I’m not a “neat” writer, but I like to visualize things in a neat way.  This is why Freemind is a great tool for me. Besides my own brainstorming I can see this being very useful in a meeting.  Hook up your computer to a projector and this becomes a great tool, and the team notes are preserved.

Another great function of this software is that the map can be exported on some neat ways, from simple text, to JPG, to a clickable web document.  Check this one out here.

There are many many uses for this program.  I plan on mapping out all my projects with it and setting up a check in with it on a regular interval.

Here’s a great YouTube tutorial that tells you about some of the features

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