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I’ve recently been working on increasing the visibility of our ministry at Bethlehem.  One suggestion was to post more pictures of our young people around the church.  This seemed like an obvious step for us, but I wanted the pictures to really stand out.

The great news is that we literally have tens of thousands of pictures of our kids, hundreds of which are worthy of framing and hanging.

Years ago I found a deal online to get 8X10 photos printed online for $1.00  I searched for some similar deals and stumbled on to shortrunposters.com  This service is great.  They do one thing really well, print 18X24 photos.  The minimum charge is $2.00 per poster, but you can do upgrades that make it more expensive (not really necessary if you ask me).   Shipping is a flat rate of $10, so keep that in mind when you think about ordering photos.  I’ve ordered prints twice and they turn out great.  Here’s a picture of our new “gallery” at church:

Picture 002

As you can see, we added some 8X10’s off of our color printer to spice up the layout (big face pics work for that one).  The large 18X24 frames were not cheap, but they look great. Another option is to mount the photos on cheap insulation foam from the hardware store.

Give shortrunposters.com a try, great pictures at a great price.

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