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We Are the Curriculum

This is a slightly edited version of an article that will be in this month’s Archangel

This year our high school kids no longer have a “youth group night.”  You may have read about our shift to a small group ministry.  All youth ministry lends itself to the talk of curriculum, and curriculum has a place.  In fact, we have an official small group curriculum that we paid a lot of money for.  The Bible studies our kids work through is great, it challenges them to act on their faith each week and connects some excellent faith and theology concepts.  All of our prepared materials are wonderful, but the true curriculum we want our young people to experience is the lives and faith of each other and the two adults that help lead their small group.  Together they wrestle with the challenges of adolescent life, and they watch and learn from each other’s decisions, good and bad.  We are the curriculum for living and growing in faith.  We can’t make up the time spent together by reading a book or seeing an update on Facebook.  We are not shaped by workbooks or videos.  We’re shaped by sharing life with others, wrestling with the cost of discipleship, and by coming together weekly for forgiveness and worship.

Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, unofficial mentors, priests, the nice lady who shakes our hand in church, they are all the curriculum that our kids are really paying attention to.  This is good news.  The good news is that we are shaping the faith of our young people at all times, not just for the 1-3 hours our young people are within the church walls.  It’s good news, because our young people are getting an authentic taste of the journey and struggle that is faith.

Our high school kids are off to a great start learning from each other and the adults working with them, but know that the other curriculum they’re paying attention to everyone in the congregation. They’re constantly learning from you what it looks like to be a man or woman of faith.

If you are a high school student and want to connect to a small group (or if you know of one), please contact me (Andy Sahl).  I can help you find the best group for you to connect with.

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