10 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Some facebook links for you

The following quote would characterize my own facebook experience as well

Still, 56 percent of girls told researchers that social networks help them feel closer and more connected to friends, and 30 percent think they’ve improved their friendships
The same article also said…
A study of 1,000 girls ages 14-17, conducted by the Girl Scouts, found that 68 percent of girls have been bullied or gossiped about on a social network, and 46 percent thought the medium makes friends jealous of each other. 40 percent say they lost respect for someone based on what they put on their social media profile.
Here’s a recently released parent’s guide to facebook.  It’s long, but nice and thorough and actually very helpful with some step by step directions on setting up privacy settings, etc.
I love facebook, it’s not evil and I’m not sounding any alarms.  We certainly need appropriate supervision online just as we do at the mall in the car or wherever our young people are.
Look for a post soon about Formspring, something that should set off alarms for you!!

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