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Characteristics of Mature Christian Youth

How would we describe what we hope a young person grows into during their time in our Parish?  That list can be very long, probably all good things, or it can be too short and exclude faith and focus only on moral behavior.

We’ve been using the “Characteristics of Mature Christian Youth” from the study of Exemplary Youth Ministry.  These characteristics include:

Seeks Spiritual Growth

  1. Seeks Spiritual Growth Both Alone and With Others
  2. Possesses a Vital Faith
  3. Practices Faith
  4. Makes the Christian Faith a Way of Life
  5. Lives a Life of Service
  6. Reaches Out to Others
  7. Exercises Moral Responsibility
  8. Speaks Publicly about Faith
  9. Possesses a Positive Spirit

This is a big list, and it would be difficult to find an adult doing all of these well, but this is picture we paint of where one should be on a journey towards.

This list is fleshed out a little more here and here.

This list is a good picture of where we are going, how we get there all depends on our context and culture.  How do we help the kids in our circle of influence live into this picture?

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