24 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Advent activities with your family

A few years ago there was this PDF document floating around the internet that was what someone thought Jesus’ Facebook page would have looked like during holy week.  It was full of funny, accurate, gritty status updates from “Jesus”.  In a strange way, reading through that fake Facebook page got me ready for Easter.  It was my unexpected Lenten discipline.

This week we’re sending you a resource that we hope creates a similar experience for you.

To help you spark faith conversations with your teen,  we are sending you a poster with “advent tweets” on it. You should be receiving the full mailing this week (with resources for kids ages 0-18 in the same packet).

There are a variety of ideas included on how you might use this resource such as texting one thought to each other per day, or sending it around the dinner table and having kids pick the one they like.

One thing to think about with this resource is to tape it into a cylinder so that it stands up on your table or counter.  This way it will take up less room, and be read much more frequently.

Faith conversations with parents and other family members have a huge impact on the faith development of youth people.  We hope you take advantage of this tool and it’s our prayer that it serves to prepare you to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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