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Technology dangerous?

I loved this video. I thought it captured the tension that those of us who care about young people live in every day. We see unhealthy excesses such as texting in a rude or inappropriate manner or falling grades due to too many video games. We also see this school embracing the technology that drives the lives of young people, and the principal who got tired of always being the bad guy who takes away cell phones.

Here’s the link in case a video doesn’t appear below

I loves the way they talked about their brains moving too fast.  I wonder if we (collectively) should be practicing a fast or sabbath from all electronics to help our brains slow down, or if we are permanently becoming wired that way.

Melissa shared with me a story she heard recently at a conference.  A man was watching Dora on TV with his daughter.  His daughter kept going behind the TV and looking around the TV.  The man thought his daughter was looking for Dora behind the TV, but his daughter was in fact looking for the mouse so that she could control Dora the way she does on the computer.  She thought the TV was broken.  This generation want to interact with their world, not hear lectures or watch scripted characters.  Not a bad thing of you ask me.

There are many challenges to me as a person interested in faith formation for young people. How do we engage them in a church whose strength is it’s history? What’s healthy vs. what is just a distraction? How does technology get in the way of the relationships we’re working to form with young people?

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