01 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Social Media is about more than bullies

I rarely watch the news anymore.  I typically hear about news that is important on twitter while waiting for a meeting to start or sitting in the Doctor’s office.  I also typically read in depth articles that are linked to those tweets, and I keep up on the lives of my friends, friends I don’t know personally, and some thoughts by some off the worlds deepest thinkers.

Tomorrow I’m attending a training about using social media as a church, and I stumbled across this video.  Above are just a few of the great uses I’ve found for social media.  Good or bad, it’s changing our world.  We can be scared by that or we can see it as the new printing press.

One of the questions I have is how can we support parents in this social media realm.  My sense is that Saint Michael parents are fairly sophisticated with technology, so I don’t want to bore anyone with a simple presentation, but I would love to share what we know about this technology.  What would be helpful to you?

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