12 March 2012 ~ 3 Comments

It’s hard to escape a web

This chapter did a really good job of including things that a family can do together as well as things that we can do as a church.

Creating a network of families intentionally for faith formation seems a little contrived, but it would be nice to let this develop more organically with a goal in mind.  I also liked the metaphor of the kids table (for families) and it caused me to think about some things we might do intentionally in my family when we gather four generations this summer.

The 5:1 ratio switch was also a really good image and something we can put on our pin-board here at church.  We recently have been having conversations about the challenges that come with our confirmation mentoring program (safe church, finding mentors, etc) but my recent reading of Sticky Faith (and this chapter in particular) has caused me to fight for the mentoring program and make it work despite the challenges.

There were a number of other church program ideas that hit home for me, some that I think we’re doing well at Saint Michael and some that need some work.  One of the reasons I chose to come to Saint Michael is that I knew it was a place my family could worship together, and the way that we design worship services for families in different places is such a great model and so good for families.  These worship services are not the kid’s table, but parents are in there with their kids, doing the motions and sitting on the floor.

There were a lot of highlights in this chapter, particularly as we think hard about moving towards what one might call a “faith formation network” that has a node in every corner of the church from each worship space to the kitchen to the youth center and gym.  It’s on our radar as a church and it’s on my radar as a parent.

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